A Beginning

I've had the idea for several years to create a book targeted at digital fabrication skills for artists, but there was a major problem with the plan from day one. What has prevented me from getting started is the scale and ever-changing nature of the project. The idea of creating a comprehensive guide to and ever expanding field seemed inappropriate and ill-advised. I needed a medium that could be expanded on a whim as new ideas emerged. 

I decided several months back that a Blog is the perfect solution to this problem. It gives people a fixed point to seek out information that is up to date and evolving. It provides a place for ideas to be exchanged and minds to meet. 

As a professional woodworker with and art school background, I plan to focus on woodworking primarily. However I would like this Blog to be useful for art students in sculpture, print-making, and other media as well, and I plan to make it as open as possible.