My body of work follows the form of architectural and natural structures. When applied carefully, functional engineering elements can also service the decorative aesthetic. I look to boat and aircraft forms in particular as a source of functional, attractive design.


Traditional furniture made use of previous artistic taste and historically available tools. Now, the advent of digital design and fabrication tools allow for a vastly expanded artistic vocabulary. Curves and surfaces can now be created and manipulated with a staggering level of accuracy and repeatability. Larger, more intricate pieces can now be created in a fraction of the time it once took craftsmen with traditional tools.


However, new technology can also threaten traditional craft. Handmade art retains an honesty and vibrancy that no machine can duplicate, so I seek a synthesis of my traditional furniture-making background and my more recent training in digital design and fabrication. I strive for an intersection, where digital design expands traditional design, rather than eclipsing or replacing it.